The Ring

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THE RING – ROCKY MARCIANO | LONDON 1965 (photo Arthur Steel)

British heavyweight boxers Don Cockell, Jack Peterson, Jo Erskine, Henry Cooper, Jack Gardner, Len Harvey & Tommy Farr honour American heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano at The Hilton Hotel, London 1965.

Arthur recalls: “I was on a late shift and the picture editor asked me to cover a black tie dinner at The Hilton Hotel in London where the Anglo-American Sporting Club were hosting a presentation dinner honouring the American heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano. I remember walking along the hotel corridor on route to the special suite when I met a solitary lone figure sitting outside a set of plush doors. Incredibly, it was Rocky Marciano himself waiting to be called in and be introduced to the British Boxers. We chatted for quite a while, comparing broken noses (mine was broken by the school bully, who I unfortunately ran into one morning whilst on my paper round). Eventually, the doors opened and I followed him in. I had no preconceived idea for ‘The Ring’ picture but surrounded by all these boxers gave me a sudden inspiration. After taking a safety shot of the guys standing together I laid on the floor and switched to a wide angle lens, unintimidated I managed to persuade them to form a circle around me. I only took one frame, it was over in seconds, it was a miracle that nobody blinked, as it would’ve ruined the shot if any of them had. Needless to say, at the end of the night I was delighted with the pictures that I’d taken.”


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