Bert Hardy

Bert Hardy

Bert Hardy (1913-1995). Alongside Bill Brandt and Don McCullin, former Victoria & Albert curator Mark Haworth-Booth regarded Hardy as one of the three greatest British photojournalists from the genre’s Golden Age.

Indeed, Hardy stands alongside Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and Werner Bischoff as the giants of 20th-century photography.

London born and entirely self-taught, Hardy was one of the UK’s first professionals to embrace the 35mm Leica in favor of a traditional large-format press camera. The smaller camera and faster film suited his instinctual shooting style and allowed him to consistently create something unique even in high-pressure situations.His confidence and courage enabled him to produce some of the most memorable images of the Blitz and postwar England and Europe.An inspiration to a generation of photojournalists, Hardy was often greeted as warmly by his subjects as he was by his peers— so much so one dubbed him the ‘professional Cockney’.

GALERIE PRINTS is delighted to be able to present a selection of his images to have as Limited Edition silver gelatin hand-made made darkroom prints directly from the original negative.

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