Paper Types

Works are offered on 4 paper types chosen to achieve the best results for each varying work.

Prints offerings depend on an artist’s preferences and best suitability of printing method for a particular image.


1. Archival Pigment Prints

Also known as Giclée printing this method involves impregnating inks onto heavy Hahnemühle art paper which gives exceptional clarity with a matte finish – excellent for artwork reproduction as well as photographic imagery in both black & white as well as in vivid colour.

Best for:

  • High quality Artworks reproduction
  • vivid colours
  • matte finishes

2. Silver Gelatin Resin Prints

A high quality modern resin coated emulsion darkroom paper used for the production of darkroom prints. Exposed by hand and machine dried and fixed.

Their emulsion surface coating is durable and curl resistant. Resin prints are often the preferred silver gelatin choice for large scale or public facing projects.

Best for:

  • Black & white images
  • Clarity
  • Durability

3. Silver Gelatin Fibre Prints

The traditional process for fine art photography, silver gelatin fibre prints are exhibition quality archival prints either hand printed and processed in in-house Archive darkrooms from original negatives or from highest quality files as digital bromide prints.  Also known as baryta, fibre prints offer full tonal range, exquisite depth and superb contrast. All fibre prints are sold in limited editions of 300.

Best for:

  • A wide tonal range
  • Very deep blacks
  • Superb contrast
  • Museum / Exhibition quality

4. Colour C-Type Prints

C-type prints are a colour print made on light sensitive paper using a chromogenic process. Rather than inks onto paper, chemicals within the paper react with exposure to light and so the resulting image is contained within the paper’s emulsion. Also referred to as Silver Halide Crystal prints, C type prints are now widely accepted as the standard for producing photographic colour prints. Our C types have a Pearl finish.

Best for:

  • Colour photographic images
  • Colour clarity
  • Colour fastness and Archival longevity
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