The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957 Vintage Lobby Card #1

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The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957 Vintage Lobby Card #1

measures 10×14″ inches / 28 x 35 cm

The Incredible Shrinking Man is a 1957 American science fiction film directed by Jack Arnold based on Richard Matheson’s 1956 novel The Shrinking Man. The film stars Grant Williams as Scott and Randy Stuart as Scott’s wife Louise.
While relaxing on a boat, Scott is enveloped by a strange fog. Months later, he discovers that he appears to be shrinking. By the time Scott has reached the height of a small boy, his condition becomes known to the public. When he
learns there is no cure for his condition, he lashes out at his wife. As Scott shrinks to the point he can fit into a doll house, he has a battle with his family cat, which leaves him lost and alone in his basement, where he is now smaller than the average insect.

Jack Arnold

Screenplay by
Richard Matheson
Richard Alan Simmons

Grant Williams
Randy Stuart
April Kent
Paul Langton
Raymond Bailey

Before the film’s release in New York City on February 22, 1957, its ending first went to test audiences who felt the character’s fate should be changed. The director’s original ending remained in the film. The film grossed $1.43 million
in the United States and Canada and was among the highest-grossing science fiction films of the 1950s. A sequel, The Fantastic Little Girl, originally penned by Matheson, never went into production. A remake was developed years later,
eventually becoming the comedy The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981). Other remakes were planned in the early 2000s, one of which was to star Eddie Murphy in a more comedic variation on the film. A new adaptation was announced in 2013,
with Matheson writing the screenplay with his son Richard Christian Matheson. In 2009, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or
aesthetically significant”.

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