A Kray Wedding

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RONNIE KRAY’S WEDDING | BROADMOOR HOSPITAL | 1985 (photo Arthur Steel) Gangland Killer Ronnie Kray stares into Arthur Steel’s camera during his four minute wedding ceremony to Elaine Kray inside Broadmoor Hospital in 1985.

Arthur recalls: “I had met the Kray’s on a few occasions, both on business and socially. Whenever I was invited to one of their functions I found it very difficult to turn them down, as you didn’t want to upset either of them. Ronnie’s marriage was a big story for the Newspaper and I was chosen to take the official pictures. For security reasons the ceremony only lasted for four minutes and in order to secure exclusive photographs we had to pay Ronnie a lump sum of money. Another photographer was sent along to accompany me, but not to take pictures, he was there to ensure everything went smoothly and help carry my camera bags and the cash. Whenever I look at this picture, the awkwardness of the situation still strikes me. Here are these notorious gangsters, with prison officers and the prison’s governor all confined together in the same makeshift registry office. Ronnie’s brother Charlie is there, along with Jo Pyle and Alex Steene (both renowned for promoting unlicensed boxing). I’m sure that these three men didn’t want to be in or anywhere near a high-security psychiatric hospital. And then you have the innocent smile on Elaine’s face which is in complete contrast to the haunting stare of Ronnie’s. It’s a fascinating insight into the underworld. And why somebody with such strong homosexual tendancies was getting married to a woman is beyond me. Then again, he had been certified insane.”

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