Signed & Limited Prints

Also available from GALERIE PRINTS are signed and limited edition prints, worth considering if you are looking to buy an investment piece.


Slim Aarons Estate Stamped Prints

We offer all of our Slim Aarons prints as either Open (meaning non-limited) or  as Limited Edition, Estate Stamped prints which are in an edition of 150 (per image, regardless of print size).

The limited edition prints are issued and editioned by the Slim Aarons Estate, numbered in ink on the left hand side under the image area and emboss stamped on the right hand side with a Slim Aarons signature stamp.

The 2 versions do not differ in terms of quality, however, if you are looking for an investment piece then the Estate Stamped Prints are definitely the way to go.

Note that we also have some extremely rare signed prints by Slim Aarons – and details on these are available upon request.




Michael Putland

Also available as signed and limited edition prints are the works by Michael Putland.

These works are all signed b/w fibre paper silver gelatin prints and are limited edition above the size Large 20×24″.

(Note that as an exception to this rule, Michael’s contact sheets are all signed & limited edition regardless of the size)



Open Edition Resin prints vs Limited Edition Fibre prints

Note that we also offer all our black & white prints as either open edition Resin prints or as limited edition Fibre silver gelatin prints.


Open edition Resin prints, like this one pictured above – are made with a modern photographic silver gelatin paper, and has a uniform finish and a resin coated emulsion.


Our Limited Edition Fibre prints – are the more traditional fibre based photographic silver gelatin paper which has a distinctive silky texture and very deep black tones.

This paper is Museum & Exhibition standard and the preferred paper of the world’s most noteworthy photographers and our prints on this paper are limited to 300.


If you would like more information on any of our collectors’ items simply give us a call or send us an email –

we are always more than happy to help.




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