'Thom Yorke Perspex'

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Photograph Description

Thom Yorke

by Kevin Westenberg

Perspex sealed mounted aluminium dibond C print

with aluminium backing frame for easy hanging.

Open edition.

Size 20 x 16 in/ 51 x 41 cm


MOJO Cover Shoot. May.11.2006

“An exciting prospect to be able to shoot Thom on his own after working with the whole band many times. This was shot in Amsterdam at a large sound stage there that I never even knew existed before. As usual, I just made it up as I went along and found various bits of lighting around at the sound stage. The cover that MOJO chose was actually a noir style moody B&W rather than any colour image. This short day produced 5 truly memorable solo images of Thom that I will always love and as time rolls on this one remains the most striking.”

Photo: Kevin Westenberg


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