'Claude Virgin Shoot'

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Photograph Description

Claude Virgin, 1960
Claude Virgin was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1928. In the 1950’s he set out to become a photographer by moving to New York and assisting Louis Faurer. From here his works for Harper’s Bazaar (US) were discovered by British Vogue where he accepted a position in 1957. This is where he and Duffy first crossed paths in the late 1950’s.

Virgin also had a studio off the King’s Road and broke away from Vogue to shoot for Town and Queen. Claude Virgin passed away in December 2006.

This shot of Virgin was taken on the roof of Vogue Studios by Duffy in 1960. The model in the background is stood on the very edge of the roof 7 storeys above Hanover Square. Virgin shoots from a step ladder surrounded by assistants. Photo Duffy © Duffy Archive

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