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Galerie Prints was created to bring you original, actual darkroom-produced –

hand-printed black & white photography made directly from the original negative –

and Premium Colour Photography, produced as C-type photographic prints,

utilising the original transparency where possible.

        loupe resized image*

Working directly with some of the World’s most renowned and prestigious

Photographic Archives & Collections and photographers,

Galerie Prints has access to a truly vast number of extraordinary

and beautiful Original Photographs.



All our Black & White photographs are produced from the original negative* ,

in a darkroom by highly skilled technicians and are hand retouched, print by print.

We offer 2 Paper Types for our black & white prints :

Resin or Fibre

see below

Silver Gelatin RC (Resin Coated)  Paper

Ali resin resized

 Resin Coated Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Paper

is a high quality Archival photographic darkroom paper,

with a resin emulsion coating , which gives a modern even finish (see above example)

great clarity with archival longevity.

 Here the fixing and drying processes are machine aided

and the print is then hand-retouched.

Limited Edition Silver Gelatin Fibre Paper

Ali fibre resized

Beautiful, Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone darkroom Fibre Paper

(museum/exhibition standard traditional photographic paper)

which is fixed and dried by hand, as well as then hand-retouched.

This paper tends to give greater depth and tonality and has a distinctive ‘silky’ textured finish (see above example)

giving very deep blacks, a wide range of midtones and stunning clarity.

All our Fibre prints are a Limited Edition of 300 regardless of print size.

C-Type colour Prints

c-type resized


Beautiful, Silver Hallide Crystal colour prints,

on light activated Archival Photographic paper.

Our C-type prints are the industry photographic standard, giving

exceptional clarity and vivid colours.

*(on the rare occasions where the original negative is not available, we tell you how it is produced for that particular image).

*(Slim Aarons transparency courtesy of the Getty Archive London, image copyright Stuart Möller)


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